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Around the farm

When she established a non-profit dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and neglected horses, our Executive Director, Patricia Clark, was inspired by the healing serenity of her Maple Valley property. We offer a calm and quiet environment where our rescued horses can recover from their traumatic experiences and look forward to finding their loving forever homes.

This is our 22 stall barn.  Keeping our farm clean and safe for our horses is a daily job. We are grateful to our volunteers for their devotion to Serenity and their love for the horses.



Our trainer Eric riding Mora.  Patricia with Riley and Precious.




Serenity depends on volunteers and the generous donations of people just like you.

Dante greeting Riley "Hi little dude"
Precious cooling off on a hot day!
Dr. DeWard - Dr. Bob our farm vet gives Faheed a big hug after gelding him. Faheed is not impressed!