Events & Programs

At Serenity we continuously look for ways to educate people, share our stories and open the doors of our rescue for others to experience the power of helping save an equine. For more info on any events or programs please 
inquire with our Volunteer Coordinator ( or email
Hearts and Horses Saturday, September 21.

Come and join us for music, wine tasting, beer, appetizers and great auction items to raise money for the horses!

Purchase tickets:

Tickets are $40 in advance and $40 at the door.

Community Support

If you, your friend or a neighbor is in need of help or advice on how to care for a malnourished or rescued horse, don't hesitate to contact us.

We are here for you as well as the horse and will always help where we can.

If you see a horse that you believe needs help and are not comfortable calling other agencies we will do a welfare check and contact the appropriate people if needed.

Always report animal cruelty! Go to our Reporting Abuse for more information on cruelty and abuse and Washington State Laws that protect our animals and you.

 Go Green: Free compost and manure

Our farm is already quite "green". We use solar power for electric fences, and we do not use chemicals on our plants and landscape. We also do a lot to reduce our waste, electricity use and soil erosion. But as you can guess, horses produce a lot of manure. Because we clean our outdoor paddocks, pastures and stalls daily to keep them clear of manure, not only do we keep the farm looking neat, but we also keep away insects and flies, which helps us avoid using any chemicals

We currently manage our compost by covering and turning it regularly. It has been tested by local government and is completely organic. The Issaquah Park Department has used hundreds of yards for park projects in the Issaquah area.

If you'd like some free compost for your own garden or nursery, please email


Education Program

Serenity is dedicated to helping our community to understand and become horse savvy. We are also dedicated to helping our neighbors in our community to become more responsible horse owners through education and support. 


Horsemanship Series

Serenity has developed a series of classes to help support those in our community that own horses or would like to own a horse in the future.  Go to the Education Center for the schedule and a description of the classes.

Wellness Clinics
 Learn about horse anatomy and other alternative medical modalities such as Reiki, Chiropractic, Massage and Homeopathic medicines.