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Horse of the Month - Keona

This beautiful, intelligent, talented horse is now available for adoption.  Keona has been in training for the past two months with our trainer Victoria Saitta and is ready for her new home.  Keona is a black/bay mare with a flowing mane and tail and expressive soft eyes.  She is playful and smart.  (Don't leave the gate unlocked or your jacket on the fence!)

Here is some of what Victoria had to say about Keona.  "This horse has so much potential," she says, as she casually puts on the tack. "She could go in any direction." For more information on Keona  from Victoria please visit the Serenity Blog at  http://storiesfromserenity.blogspot.com/

If you are interested in adopting Keona, please contact Patricia at patricia@serenityequnerescue.com and make an appointment to come out and get to know her.
Keona is a 4 year old Mustang/Arabian cross, 14.2 hands and very athletic!