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Come explore filling up with loving self-compassion

Give yourself a gift of tending to your own needs and feelings, exploring your boundaries and filling your heart with self-compassion before the holiday season.

The holiday season brings many a party and high expectations of joy and connection.  Anxiety, self-criticism, and over-extending can creep in with travel, buying gifts, planning each moment and the much talked about and oh so special “Family Stress”.   Often self-care and self-compassion is the last thing on the long To-Do List.   This Self-Compassion Ceremony is an opportunity to move self-compassion and self-care to the top of the list and explore a new way of being throughout the holidays.  


The Therapy Horses at Serenity are excellent teachers of presence and compassion. You will be validated, acknowledged and witnessed by compassionate healer horses allowing you to experience a level of healing that is deeply and profoundly freeing.  During this Self-Compassion ceremony you will gain awareness of what self-compassion is and how to be kind and understanding with self.  Spending time with the horses will give your body a new heart address freeing yourself from the voice of your inner critic and a new place to amplify self-compassionYou will learn tools to support yourself and  to keep turning towards self with loving self-compassion and understanding throughout the holidays and beyond.  


The sacred space will be opened; the horses will be ready.

November 12  - 11am – 2pm at

Serenity Equine Rescue in Maple Valley

$100  - Limited to 10 participants – Sign up Now