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Rescuing Grays Harbor Horses

After Little D's initial precarious prognosis and a strict schedule of feedings every three hours, round the clock, Little D now weighs 200Ibs and all of the mini's are now together in a paddock enjoying each others company and being a horse!

We like to believe that the message they give him is one of reassurance: 

"We've been there.
We've been Hungry.

This is a Good Place.
You are already Loved.
You are Welcome Here.
You are Safe.
You are Valued and Precious."

Little D had been living in a stall by himself.  In the dark and filth, without fresh water, shavings or nearly enough food. 

 We found out from Dr. Bob that he is approximately 27 years old, blind in one eye and partially blind in another.  He should weigh roughly 225 pounds and he came in at 100lbs.

 Difficult to look at his physical condition, but easy to see his gorgeous, kind, intelligent, trusting nature from the start.

 Little D’s first night at Serenity.

Wrapped in a warm blanket, with lots of soft shavings, clean water, and a handful of alfalfa every three hours around the clock.

We believe This Life has Value. Not because of anything he can do for us, but simply because He Is.  There is much work to do here and we want and need the support of those called to be part of the solution.  We will continue to bring you updates on this case and the fate of those still at the Grays Harbor farm.
As the saying goes, "Many hands make light the work."  Please support us with your gifts, time and offerings.  We at Serenity and especially Little D and his friends are Grateful. 

Little D his first walk with mom. 


All of the miniature horses came to Serenity in January of 2016.  They are now all healthy and enjoying life on the farm/

Serenity has provided veterinary care, developed nutritional plans for each and they have all been gelded with the exception of Little D who was literally skin and bones when he arrived. 

Please consider a donation to help us pay for their rehabilitation and veterinary care.  Thank you for supporting Serenity!
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Little D's Friends - The three mini stallions pictured below where brought to Serenity 2 days after Little D.  They have alll been gelded and are looking for a forever home.