Become a Serenity Sponsor 

It takes a lot of hay to feed our horses every month and to provide them with routine veterinary and farrier care. You can help us to fulfill our mission by providing support every month through the Serenity Sponsorship Program. Your monthly donation is critical and it doesn’t have to be very much. 

If 500 people give only $10 a month a substantial portion of our monthly expenses will be covered. Please help us make a difference and pledge a monthly donation to Serenity today. The horses are counting on you! 
Four easy ways to become a Serenity sponsor:
  1. Use your VISA or Mastercard to set up recurring donations.
  2. Use your Paypal account to set up recurring donations.
  3.  Use the Online Bill Payer function offered by your bank online to have a check sent to Serenity Equine Rescue automatically each month. Most major banks offer this service and many Serenity supporters have taken advantage of this as a way to make a monthly donation.
Sponsorship is a great way for you to help us care for the horses at Serenity and every little bit helps. 
Sponsor an Individual Horse
If you want to help care for and bond with a horse but cannot adopt one, sponsoring an idividual horse is an ideal way to help. No matter which horse you choose, you will be making a huge impact by supporting their day-to-day care.
Your sponsorship will go a long way in helping us to provide a happy life for the animal you choose. Your contribution will go towards the cost of feed, veterinary, farrier, dental care, blankets, as well as medications and necessary supplements.


When you sponsor a horse, you will receive a mention on our websiteYou can also schedule time to meet and spend time with your horse by emailing Patricia at patricia@serenityequinerescue.com.
The minimum sponsorship amount for an individual horse is only $1560 a year, or $130 per month.

You can pay a one-time annual fee, schedule 12 monthly donations, or split the sponsorship with a friend or co-worker. Any amount greater than the minimum fee is always appreciated, especially in winter when our expenses per horse increase significantly.  Thank you for caring so much about one of our special horses.


Ready? When you are ready to make your payment and start your sponsorship, please send an email to patricia@serenityequinerescue.com


(in the subject line, note "sponsorship" with your horse’s name).


Options for payment include:

  • A check for the total amount of sponsorship, noting the name of the horse you will be sponsoring.
  • Pay via credit card or PayPal by clicking the button below, entering the total amount and note in the "Donation/Sponsorship designation" field which horse you will be sponsoring. Note:  You can set up reccuring payments via credit card or PayPal.

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The "Boys" are counting on you!