Promoting the Humane & Responsible Treatment of Horses
Serenity's Mission is multi-faceted.  It includes rescue, rehabilitation, education and healing. 
After rescue and rehabilitation we work to place our horses our rescued horses into loving permanent homes. We are passionate about providing a natural and focused care plan for each of our resident equines.  
We are also committed to supporting the equine community through our Education Center clinics and courses.  We also support our community by performing welfare checks and helping community horse owners to provide the best care for their horses.

We believe that the relationship between humans and horses is a very special one.  Many of our volunteers and others have experienced a special gift of healing when working or visiting the farm.   Horses as Healers,focuses on healing and developing life skills.  Please click on Horses as Healers to read about this new program.

How time and horses helped a Tacoma family heal . . .
The Tacoma News Tribune featured one of our volunteers and her family telling the story of how the horses at Serenity helped in the healing of the family after the death of their son in Afghanastan.  To read and watch this powerful story Click Here


We have been honored with one of the first Top-Rated Awards of 2016 from 

Serenity has been earned this very important award for 9 years in a row! 

Thank you to our wonderful supporters for sharing your story and making this prestigious award possible for yet another year.

 We appreciate all of your contributions!  If you would like to share your story please go to  Great Non-Profits Review.

Learn the different ways you can help Serenity Horses
Serenity's horses depend on the tax-deductible contributions of our wonderful donors - we depend entirely on private donations and the occasional grant to continue our mission. Donate today - your dollars go directly to feeding and caring for the horses!  Go to our Donate page to learn about how many ways you can help the horses at Serenity.

Helping Horses in our Community 

Read the story of this starved mare and what to do when you Report Abuse on our Our Work page.

Releasing Grief

This powerful clinic presented by 
Neave Karger-Megenhardt has been rescheduled because of expected stormy weather the weekend of the 15th.  We are rescheduling for Sunday, October, 30 from 11am to 3pm.

  Many of us yearn to unburden ourselves with others, but find ourselves alone with our grief all too often. This is an opportunity to be validated, acknowledged and witnessed by compassionate healer horses allowing you to experience a level of healing that is deeply and profoundly freeing.  The Serenity horses have lots of practice helping to facilitate and support those who are working through difficult issues. 

Space for this clinic is limited to 10 people.  For more information please go to Releasing Grief 

Microsoft comes to Serenity for the Day of Caring 


For the 3rd year in a row our Microsoft friends gave of their time and worked on the farm for The Day of Caring. There were over 70 people and the work they accomplished was incredible!
They built fences, finished stairs, dug trenches, cleaned the barn and paddocks and mowed the whole property.
A Huge Thank You to our wonderful supporters at Microsoft for a very special day of work and sharing!

Volunteer with Serenity!

Volunteers are the heart of Serenity.  We could not do the work that we do without you.  If you are interested in working around horses (and a few piggies) we need reliable, regular volunteers around the farm! If you are interested in helping out please contact Serenity at volunteer@serenityequinerescue.com.
Orientations are held most Saturdays of each month at 10am. These orientations last for about 45 minutes and volunteers are encouraged to stay and work after the orientation. Please visit our Volunteer page for more information. 

Horsemanship Classes 

Our Horsemanship series begins Saturday, July 23, at 11a,  For a description of the classes and the new schedule go to the Education Center

In January we rescued 4 mini stallions from a horading situation is Grays Harbor.  All of the boys have been gelded, except Little D who is 27, and several are ready for a new home.
All of our little mini's rescues have fully recovered and some are ready for adoption!
 Hey Everyone,  aren't I adorable?  To learn more about me go to Adopt.

Click on Rescuing Grays Harbor Horses for the full story and pictures of Little D and his 3 friends that have come to Serenity.
  Go to our Donate page and donate to this cause today!


Serenity Blog
Our wonderful friend and well-known playwright Dr. Elena Hartwell has created a Blog for Serenity called Stories from Serenity.  To follow Serenity's stories and keep abreast of other important and sometimes funny goings-on at the farm click on this link