Promoting the Humane & Responsible Treatment of Horses
    Since our inception Serenity has helped support and rescue over 129 horses! Our foremost goal is to help rehabilitate, care for and place our rescued horses into loving homes. We are passionate about providing a natural and focused care plan for each of our resident equines.  
    We are also committed to supporting the equine community through our Education Center clinics and courses.  
    The Tulalip Tribe Grant
    The Tulalip Tribe honors Serenity with a $5000.00 grant to help support our rescue work.   This is the second grant that the Tulalip Tribe has given to Serenity.  We are so grateful for their continued support.  Thank you so much.
    King County Service Area Grant
    Serenity is honored with a $3500.00 grant from the 2014 King County Service Area Grant Program.  51 proposals were submitted and Serenity was one of the few who received funding.  We are grateful to Reagan Dunn, our District Council Member, for his support and recommendation to the granting Committee.
    2013 Top-rated nonprofits and charities  We are looking for your review for 2014! 
    Serenity was listed as one of Great Non-Profits  top rated for 2013 and we are looking to make that list again in 2014.  If you haven't done a review and would like to, just click on Great NonProfits below.  It’s easy and it only takes a minute. Great Non Profits website to get started!
    Education Center News
    Horsemanship Classes
    Our horsemanship classes will be scheduled again September 13. There are 5 classes in the series; Horse Handling, Anatomy of the Horse, Horse Nutrition, Common Diseases and Ailments, Equine Behavior and Body Language. Classes are $20 each or $100 for the series. Please click on Education Center for more information.
    We have added a section called Your Horse's Health to our Website. Go to our Horse Health and Welfare page to read these informative articles.
    Help feed and care for rescued horses.
    Serenity's horses depend on the tax-deductible contributions of our wonderful donors - we depend entirely on private donations and the occasional grant to continue our mission. Donate today - your dollars go directly to feeding and caring for the horses!

    Read the story of this starved mare on our Our Work page.

     KOMO Problem Solvers Visits Serenity
    Komo Problem Solver Jamie Lynn came to Serenity the end of December to help us with our barn issues.  King County RDDES has given us a date of February 11, 2014 to apply for a permit along with plans for anchoring our barn.  For those of you who have gone through the permitting process with the County, you know this can be a daunting task!  Moreover, the fees can be enormous.  Please click on the link below to see the story.
    Where are we now? Update....
    Because of our wonderful supporters who donated funds to cover our permit fees and help us with the money needed to "Raise our Barn"  we are now in a position to apply for our permit.
    Serenity applied for our permit on February 10 but have not received approval at this point.  We continue to work with the Engineers to get a plan that the County will accept.  When we complete this process we will provide documentation on this on-going saga!
    We have received enormous help from architect Jeffrey S. Skutley of
    Skutley Architects.  Knowing your way around DPER is a must.  We are so grateful for his help.
    We will keep you posted on our progress on Facebook and the site.
    A great big thank you to Jamie Lynn, our supporters and Jeff! 
    Serenity's Annual Holiday Bazaar  

    Save the date - Saturday, November 15th
    9:30AM - 3:30PM
    We expect to have even more vendors at our Bazaar than last year.  There will be great music, food and fabulous shopping.   We are now accepting vendors for the Bazaar so if you are interested in having a spot at the event please email patricia@serenityequinerescue.com 
    Check our Facebook for updates!

    Chance has approved his adoption papers!
    Elena, Chances new mom shows him his adoption papers.  Both are very excited.  From the day they met it was a match made in heaven.   As frightened as he was of most people he was drawn to Elena right away and went over to have a chat.  I think Chance picked Elena to be his Mom!  Congratulations Elena and Chance!

    Trina and Chance come to Serenity 
    Trina and Chance are two horses that did not sell at April's auction at the Enumclaw Pavilion.  Consequently, they were put in the kill pen and were destined for slaughter.  This is not an unusual story for two young but malnourished horses. that end up on the auction floor.  Rehabilitating horses like Trina and Chance is an arduous undertaking and not too many people our prepared for the financial, emotional and hard work that it involves.  Our farm vet, Dr. DeWard scored Chance as a 1.5 on the Hennekee scale and Trina a 2.0.  Both require special daily care. 
    Trina and Chance June 10
    They still have a ways to go but they are looking just beautiful!
    Chance has started some ground work.  He is a registered Arab with a very fine lineage.  If you are interested in Chance, contact Patricia at Serenity.  Trina is now on pasture with her new pasture mate Nora.
    Reese is Back! 
    Our beautiful little Reese has returned to Serenity and is available for adoption.  Unfortunately her owner had to move from her home and could not keep her.  Reese is a sweet little mare.  You can find out more about her on are Horses page.
    Volunteer with Serenity!
    We need reliable, regular volunteers around the farm! If you are interested in helping out please contact Serenity at volunteer@serenityequinerescue.com.
    Orientations are held most Saturdays of each month at 10am. These orientations last for about 45 minutes and volunteers are encouraged to stay and work after the orientation. Please visit our Volunteer page for more information.