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by 3horseaddict  on


In the fall of 2018, I found myself in hard times with my four horses. Awaiting Social Security to make a decision, left me to watch my horses losing weight and their health on the down slide. I was considering re-homing them, with the fear they would end up on a feed truck and they have already been through enough in this life. While surfing around to find a way to safely re-home them, I came across Serenity.... I noticed a little link in the website, that mentioned help for those having hard times... I emailed a letter and sent it off with prayer.

Patricia herself responded. She took time out of her schedule to come and give my horses a wellness check, helped me with a diet program for each of them. Set up and paid the vet bill for my thinnest horse to have her teeth done, which was a big part of her weight loss, and something I just couldn't afford at the time.

Patricia followed up with sponsoring my horses for a couple months in hay and grains as well as supplements... I was invited out to Serenity and I must say, I dream of my horse rescues having such a fine place to retire. The knowledge and information Patricia gave me was worth a million bucks, to help me as a better horse mum.

Thanks to Serenity, I have been able to keep my horses, their health has returned and no one is losing weight. I feel like a better parent, and I look forward to the classes offered at Serenity...

Four horses and their mum were saved in this story. I can't say enough,

Truly a GREAT non profit! Worth every penny.

Serenity is committed to helping our community save abandoned, neglected and abused horses. We frequently receive calls from concerned citizens that have observed horses in need of help. When we receive these calls, we ask several questions to determine the condition of the horse(s) and the environment they are living in. If possible, we ask the person if they can send pictures. When necessary, we follow up the call with an on-site welfare check. 


If we find that the horse is in immediate need of attention we will first try to contact the owner to determine why the animal is not thriving, and give help and advice if the owner is willing to make changes. Sometimes the owner is unable to care for the horse and will relinquish ownership. If it becomes clear that the owner is unwilling to change, we will file a written complaint with Animal Control.


Sometimes horses suffer because the owner is unaware that the animal needs veterinary care, or they are ignorant of the nutritional or environmental needs of their animals. We try our best to educate the owner and advise them on the laws requiring shelter, access to clean water, adequate feed and access to a mud-free area.


Often, this is enough to turn things around but there are times when the owner cannot make the changes needed because of financial reasons and need help to re-home the horse. 


On rare occasions we find a situation where the owner lacks feelings of empathy, and compassion and their animals suffer from abuse and neglect at their hands without remorse.


These are the cases that Serenity will pursue until the animals are removed from the abuser. Yes, cruel owners can be prosecuted though it is rare. However, what we have learned is not to give up! We will continue to monitor the horses and file complaints and if need be, involve the press until the animals are safe.

Patricia is available for speaking engagements and consulting on safe farm practices. Contact her at

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