Adoption Procedures

The first step in the process is to fill out the Adoption application. The application requires three personal references, only one of which may be a family member. Your references should be someone who can vouch for your horse experience such as a trainer or someone you ride with. If you don't have a reference regarding your knowledge of horses you can name someone who can answer questions about your animal care. Your veterinarian must be able to attest to your ability to properly care for the horse.

Site Visits 

A site visit will be performed by a Serenity representative prior to approval. The representative will meet with the adopter at the location where the horse will be kept to assess that all requirements are met. If the potential adopter lives over 50 miles from Serenity, we will contact an approved Serenity representative in your area to do the site visit. If we don’t have an approved representative available, we may not be able to adopt the horse to you at this time.


Please note: We currently cannot adopt horses to homes in Eastern Washington; we don't have people to do the required welfare checks for the first year.

Horses may not be moved from their approved location or leased out to an third party without our approval during the first year after adoption.


Resale Policy 

Serenity’s mission is to find permanent, forever homes for our horses. We realize that there are times when adopters can no longer keep their horse. Serenity’s policy is that adopters may not sell, lease, trade or give the horse to another party without our written permission. 


Serenity has first right of refusal no matter the situation. If the adopter feels they have found a suitable home, Serenity must approve the home. Prospective owners must meet our adoption criteria for Serenity to approve the request to re-home the horse, and we will ask the new owner/guardian to sign an adoption contract. If a suitable home cannot be found, the owner must relinquish the horse to Serenity. To be clear, we are not preventing you from re-homing the horse, rather we want to be assured that the horse will not end up in the same situation that initially brought it to Serenity.


No-breeding Policy 

The majority of the horses that come to Serenity have been abandoned, come from the slaughter-pen, have been seized or relinquished. Usually this is a result of the previous owner’s inability to care for the horse or the horse no longer fits their needs. There are over 150,000 horses going to slaughter from the US every year and until there are homes for every horse, Serenity will not approve the breeding of any of our horses. The adopter must contractually agree not to breed any of our adopted horses, and all stallions and colts will be gelded before offered for adoption.

Visits by Serenity after Adoption

Adopter agrees that Serenity may visit the horse from time to time without notice. We may also contact you occasionally to get an update on the horse. Serenity reserves the right to remove the horse if the horse is not being cared for properly or the horse’s environment does not meet Serenity’s standards. This right will be in force for the rest of the horse’s life. If the horse passes on, adopter needs to advise Serenity.

To Begin

1. Check out our available horses. Once you have determined the horse(s) you are interested in please contact Patricia and make arrangements to come for a visit. We want to be sure that the horse(s) will be a good fit for you and the type of riding you intend to do. 

2. Submit a pre-adoption application. We cannot process an incomplete application, so please fill out all fields.

3. We invite you to include property photos to expedite the process. If you live more than 50 miles from our farm, current pictures of your facility are required. Pictures must include shelter areas, stalls, turnout, and fences.

4. Your application will be reviewed and processed, you will be contacted if you are pre-approved. 

5. We will make an appointment for you to spend time with the horse. We ask that you come at least two times to work with our trainer. Serenity covers this cost. Again, we want to be sure that you are a good fit for each other.

6. A site visit is performed before final approval. 

7. Once approved, you pay the adoption fee and sign our legally binding adoption contract. At this time the horse is formally adopted and may be transported to its new home. 


Any horse unable to be taken directly to its new home at the time of adoption (when the adoption fee is paid) can board at Serenity for a pro-rated boarding fee based on our monthly costs, which is currently $550. The fee must be paid and processed before the horse is released. The boarding fee does not include veterinary care, farrier services, or other incidental costs. 


We are unable to accept trades in lieu of an adoption fee. We prefer cash or money order for the adoption fee, but will accept PayPal. PayPal fees will be added to the adoption cost.

Adoption policies