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Serenity offers horsemanship clinics, a series of classes over five consecutive weeks. Each class runs from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Coffee, tea, and other refreshments are available. Feel free to bring a bag lunch! Each class is $40 or $200 for the series. Please email for more information.

Education Center

Basic Horse Handling 

This class covers the basics for people new to working with horses. We will focus on approaching the horse, haltering and leading, grooming, situational awareness, safety around horses in general, developing trust, and learning to be the herd leader.


Equine Behavior 

Being in tune with your horse is about more than riding it a few days a week. It requires that you build a relationship by really understanding the subtleties of their language (as it manifests in their body and behavior, as well as on a deeper, intuitive level). Horses can be wonderful partners and coaches if we are open to learning from them and understanding how they communicate.

Common Diseases and Ailments 

From Laminitis and Colic, to coughs and eye infections, dental care and general hoof health and minor injuries. Horses are simultaneously tough and fragile, and you need to know what is serious and when to call the vet, as well as how to handle minor issues promptly to ensure they don't escalate.


Anatomy of the Horse 

We will learn about basic anatomy and physiology so you can establish a baseline for your horse, and can tell when things aren't right. We will review the skeleton, musculature, tendons and ligaments, and the digestive system from hay to poo.


Horse Nutrition   

Building on the previous week's lesson, this class will take a look at optimal nutrition for horses. This will cover how to recognize and address malnutrition (including building a nutritional plan and how to rehabilitate a horse that has been starved), types of foods and supplements, behavioral implications of nutrition, the impact of dental care, and digestive issues in the horse.

"My goal is to give people the information they need to better understand and care for their horse."

Patricia Clark, instructor 

Classes are taught by Patricia, our founder, who has 30 years of teaching experience in higher education and many years working with horses.  Patricia is a member of  the Association of Professional Humane Educators.

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