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Serenity horses live on a 10-acre farm and like most farms maintenance and upkeep are part of the daily routine. We start our mornings every day turning out our horses from the barn, feeding, and then cleaning each and every stall. Each horse stall is bedded with shavings and buckets are washed and refilled with water. 

Once we have completed the barn we move on to the other parts of the farm. All loafing sheds, shelters, and paddocks are cleaned. Water troughs scrubbed and refilled, and any other maintenance, such as fixing fences, stacking hay, repairing equipment is started. 


Horses that have just arrived at the farm are in quarantine for 14 days, they along with those that require medical attention, are in a clean dry bedded stall until they are ready to be turned out in a small herd with their horse friends. Horses currently being rehabilitated are frequently paired with one of our companion horses who help them to settle in and get used to the daily routine.


Keeping a farm running is a complex and time-consuming business. There are no idle days on the farm. Still, each day, rain or shine, our volunteers are here working to sustain the farm and our wonderful horses.

Arena IMG_0608.JPG

Serenity's arena is 80 x 120 feet and is designed to be light and airy with its fabric roof. The galvanized steel trusses  are engineered to hold up the roof without any supports in the arena floor leaving the whole arena open for use. The horses enjoy being in the arena because there are no dark corners where something scary might hide.  

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