Serenity Adoptions

Our adoption goal at Serenity Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation is to give our horses the best chance of being placed with responsible, caring owners who are looking for a forever companion.

Each horse is evaluated by a veterinarian when they arrive and given a rehabilitation plan that includes both their nutritional and medical needs. All of the horses at Serenity are handled daily and are up-to-date on deworming, shots, dental work, and hoof care. When you come to Serenity to look for your new companion, you will find that our adoptable horses are healthy, friendly, and trusting. 


Our suggested adoption donations are set based on a number of factors such as breeding, training, and age. Adoption is by private treaty. If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues first read our policies. 


We look forward to helping you find your equine companion.

Adoption Policies

Serenity’s first obligation and concern is that our horses are placed into safe, informed, approved forever home. Below is a description of the minimum requirements that we expect from our potential adopters. Serenity reserves the right to deny adoption of any horse for any reason.

Financial Ability

Adopter is financially capable of caring for the horse. The adopter must assert on the application that they are financially capable of providing for the horse including the items listed below.


Adoptee must provide the horse with adequate shelter in order for the horse to be protected from the elements. At minimum the shelter must be a three-sided structure in good repair. A tarp, carport or trees is not considered adequate. This is mandated by Washington State law.


Safe, secure fencing in good repair is required. We do not accept T-post with electric wire/ribbon as the perimeter fencing. T-posts with caps and ribbon can be used to divide pastures or paddocks. No barbed wire as fencing anywhere will be accepted. Gates must be secure and in good working order. We prefer that the property is gated to ensure horses cannot leave the property. If the property isn't gated, other protections must be in place.  Acceptance of your fencing is on a case by case basis.


Sufficient hay, grains and supplements to maintain the horse in good health, and a free choice supply of clean, fresh water at all times. Serenity will provide a nutritional program for each horse upon adoption.

Safe, Healthy Daily Turnout 

Horses must be turned out on a daily basis for 8 - 10 hours. A mud-management plan must be in place for winter months. Stables or other situations where horses are not turned out daily and/or they are kept in stalls for over 16 hours a day will not be considered. Paddocks and pastures must be free of debris or unsafe items.

Required Veterinarian Care

Care must include routine checkups, vaccinations, teeth floating, and emergency care. Additionally, adoptee must provide regular farrier care and deworming. Serenity will provide information on veterinary care, worming program, and farrier care upon adoption.

First-time Horse Owners

If you haven't owned a horse for some time, consider yourself a first-time owner! We welcome first time horse owners to apply for adoption. Because our first concern is the safety of the horse and the new owner, we strongly suggest that before you adopt, you complete the five course horsemanship series that is offered through Serenity’s Education Center.  


A first time owner must have taken, or is planning on taking lessons, and/or have the help of an experienced horse person before the adoption takes place. Care, training, treatment, and riding has changed a great deal over the past 10 -15 years. We now understand a lot more about how a horse thinks and what works and does not work in terms of training. Horses are much more sensitive than most of us recognize. Make sure you understand horse behavior well enough that you can recognize common ailments and diseases so you know how to care for your horse properly. Nutrition is also very important.

Special Needs Horses  

Occasionally, Serenity will offer a special needs horse for adoption or an Off-The-Track-Thoroughbred. These horses require a special care to keep them in good health. Adoptees must have a working knowledge of these horses to be eligible to adopt them. If the adoptee has not worked with OTTB's you must have a trainer in place prior to adoption.

After-adoption procedures

Adoption application