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Herd Life

Horses are prey animals and therefore would never live alone by choice. The herd provides many advantages, physically, mentally, and emotionally such as taking turns watching over each other while they sleep. Horses need a partner to engage in mutual grooming that releases comforting hormones and helps to create bonds between them. Play provides mutual stimulation and helps to keep your horse in shape. Companionship offers an important foundation for well-being and social contentedness.


All of our horses live in a small herd or in a large paddock with another horse. We do not adopt to homes where the horse will be alone, where they will be kept in in stable with no daily turn out, or are only turned out alone. Horses need each other to feel safe and to socialize. Research tell us that horses who are isolated or live alone suffer from more illnesses and emotional stress and live shorter lives. We are looking for loving, forever homes with a holistic approach to horse care. All of our horses are barefoot and are ridden bitless.

Harley 2017 011.JPG


Status: ready for adoption

Harley is a big beautiful Quarter horse gelding. He is 9-years-old and 15.2 hands. Harley is a buckskin and as you can see from his picture he has gorgeous dapples. He is really laid back; the perfect trail horse.


He has been in training since July 2018 and is an easy ride. We ride our horses bitless, but he has been trained to take a bit. If you want a solid horse who is easy going, you couldn't ask for a nicer boy.  

Harley came in with his partner Radish (see below). They have been together for almost all of his life. Harley and Radish survived a fire when their owners house burned down to the ground. We have had them since January 2018 and they have both come a long way! 

Radish 2017 006.JPG


Status: ready for adoption

This is beautiful Radish. She is a chestnut Appendix Quarter horse out of the Peppy San Badger lines. She is 15.2 hands and approximately 16-years-old. Although she has not been ridden for a while, she is working with our trainer Eric. She still has a ways to go to build her confidence, but she is making great strides.

Radish is a sweet girl who, like her partner Harley, survived a fire. She and Harley were frequently without food so she gets a little crabby if you try to take her when she is eating. She is slowly getting over this.

She now loves to be cuddled and loved. She loves a bath and to be groomed. Radish is going to make someone a wonderful partner.


He's Peakin'


Status: ready for adoption

Peakin' is an 8-year-old OTTB. He has not been ridden for over 5 years and is starting to work with our trainer. Peakin' is a big boy. He is 17.1 hands and weighs about 1,200 Ibs. This picture does not do him justice. When you see him next to his pal Hulk, you can get a better idea of his size.

Peakin' and Hulk have been on pasture with a loafing shed that they can go in and out of at will. This is what they like. 

Peakin' will continue to work with our trainer and at this point could go in any direction.  We will know more as he continues on with our trainer. 

Naive Eddie.jpg

Native Eddie

Status: in rehabilitation

Eddie is a 14 year old  17 hand Off-The-Track-Thoroughbred who had a very short career on the track. Eddie is very sweet and loves attention. We are working with Eddie so he feels more comfortable leaving his friends. Eddie has been ridden English only. He requires a gentle hand and patience. He is currently in rehabilitation.



Status: in rehabilitation

Ty is a beautiful 15-year-old Chestnut Arabian gelding who is 16.2 hands and was shown for a number of years. He was rescued from a person who was using him to give trail rides. Ty was emaciated and in a lot of pain due to severe ulcers. Our veterinarian, Dr. DeWard scored him at a 1.5 on the Henneke Body Scoring System on his intake exam.


Ty’s challenges are a result of years in a stall so he has a tendency to weave when he is gets stressed. This disappears if he has access at all times to a paddock. So he would do best in an environment where he was free to come and go from his stall to pasture with a friend. He still has a way to go, but he should be ready this Spring for a new home.




Status: in rehabilitation

Pixie is a 10 year old Pinto Shetland pony mare.  Pixie was recently relinquished by her owner.  Although we don't know a lot about Pixie we know that Serenity may be her 7th or 8th home. She is a beautiful little mare with an enormous amount of fear.  She was mistreated at a young age and has a great fear of humans. She is currently in rehabilitation and we expect that it may take up to a year for Pixie to begin to trust. Watch for her story on our Facebook page as she travels on her journey to becoming a whole pony.

Pixie's Story

Katie Ava and Riley.jpg


Status: in rehabilitation

On her own for a year, Katie was very malnourished.  Her hooves had not been trimmed for over a year which has resulted in malformation and deep bruising. She’ll be in rehabilitation for several months.



Status: adopted

Miracle is a beautiful 5-year-old miniature gelding. He was rescued from a hoarding situation where he was housed in an 8 by 8 foot concrete stall. He lived alone without contact with other horses and little contact with people.

Miracle has been gelded and he is now living in a small herd where he is thriving. He is 30" tall and weighs about 180 lbs. He is a sweet boy, very smart and clever. 

Miracle is ready for adoption. We do not adopt our minis to be companions to larger horses and they must have a mini partner.

Keona with Eric.JPG


Status: adopted

Keona is a 9-year-old 14.2 hand dark bay Arab/Mustang filly. She is extremely smart and is easily bored. She is very social and likes both people and other horses. She is also very curious and can figure out many different types of gate openers.

Keona's beautiful movement really stands out at the extended trot and canter. She has been ridden both English and Western. Our current trainer thinks she could excel at just about anything. And he would take her or her mom, Sequoia, in a heartbeat if he could take another horse. She has a beautiful head and is quite stunning under saddle.

Sequoia After.jpg


Status: adopted

Sequoia is a 13-year-old, 14.2 hand Yakima Indian reservation pony mare who was rescued from extreme neglect. With intensive effort she recovered and was adopted by a wonderful family and ridden by a young girl. She subsequently gave birth to Keona, now 9 years old. Unfortunately, circumstances resulted in Sequoia and Keona returning to Serenity, where they are both available for adoption.


Sequoia is very personable, smart and resourceful. She can be a challenge to keep in the paddock since she is handy with many gate openers and keeps a keen eye out for an escape route. Sequoia is well broke but has not been ridden for some time, however, our trainer has started Sequoia on a refresher course, and she is responding well. She is a quick learner.

Frisco Bomb.jpg

Frisco Bomb

Status: adopted

Frisco is a 17 year old chocolate miniature horse who is 32" high and weighs 210 Ibs. He is very social and is always at the fence to visit with volunteers or horses. He is bonded with Miracle, and they spend many hours each day playing together. 

Lightning and Eric Riding.JPG


Status: adopted

Lightning is a 14 year old 15.2 hands Black Polish Arab with a very sweet disposition. He has been ridden for several years in the past and has worked with our trainer in the past year. He is very laid back and loves attention.


Lightning needs a kind, knowledgeable person with time to spend working with him. He is going to be an awesome trail horse.



Status: in sanctuary

Blue is a 8-year-old gray Mini gelding who stands about 32" tall.  


Blue is quite a character. He thinks the farm revolves around him. He and Stormy are great buddies and one is very rarely seen without the other.


You will see this guy on Facebook fairly often as he is almost always up to something.

Stormy 6.JPEG


Status: in sanctuary

Stormy is a 9-year-old dappled chocolate/palomino Mini gelding who stands about 34" tall. Stormy is a very curious and friendly little guy whose sweet personality and expressive face bring a smile to everyone he meets.  


Stormy and Blue are being sponsored by our wonderful volunteer Brenda L. 


Little D

Status: in sanctuary

This wonderful little guy is Little D. He was rescued from a hoarding situation along with three friends.


Little D is 27 and only weighed 100 Ibs when he came in, he was brought to the farm in the back of Patricia's Subaru.


He is an angel. Almost totally blind after years of no medical care for eye infections, he is so sweet and kind to everyone, we think he knows he is in his loving forever home.


Little D is loved by everyone who meets him. An old soul with lots of life still to live. He will remain in sanctuary at Serenity.



Status: in sanctuary

Pippin is a miniature horse with a very big personality.  He is here at Serenity as a companion to our mini Little D. 

Jay Jay for Website.jpg

Jay Jay

Status: in sanctuary

Jay Jay is a 15 hands, gray, registered Arab. This beautiful Arab mare is very special to all of us at Serenity. Although she is 31 years old, she moves like she is still in her teens!   


Well trained with experience in dressage and trails, she is an absolute jewel! Jay Jay has taught a number of young children how to ride and competed with them at a number of local venues including Donida. 


She is now retired as a dressage horse and teacher, and would love the trails. She is very sweet and loves attention. Jay Jay is allergic to Alfalfa, but otherwise healthy. She could be adopted under special circumstances    




Status: therapy horse

Dante was imported to the US when he was 4 months old and placed in quarantine where he became very ill. Patricia paid to get him out and he went to Pilchuck for care and then back to Serenity where he was nursed back to health. After months of daily love and care, Dante was well and a big teddy bear! He loves people and is drawn to those who need a hug. Read about Dante with veterans from the Odyssey Project for Wounded Warriors.

Hulk mIMG_1114.JPG


Status: therapy horse

This awesome Off-the-Track Thoroughbred is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet. Hulk is a beautiful bay 21-year-old 17.2 hands gelding with a very laid-back personality.

He hasn't had to do much in his life and hasn't been ridden for many, many years.  He is very close to Peakin' since they have been together for about 5 years.



Status: herd companion to rescues

Eskont is the most confident, easy going gelding on the farm. Even though he is not a big boy he always takes on the role of herd leader. Eskont teaches the other horses on the farm all about herd dynamics.  He helps the rescues to feel safe as he is always looking after their well-being.



Status: herd companion to rescues

Zoey is a beautiful Crabbet Arabian Mare who came with Patricia to Serenity. Zoey is frequently one of the horses that help to settle in a new rescue. She is a quiet companion who helps our new rescues to develop trust. 

Midnight Beautiful Face.jpg


Status: herd companion to rescues

Midnight is a bit of a Diva. She is a great companion for horses with health challenges as she is very gentle in her approach. She hasn’t had to do much in her life so she is more than happy to just hang out and keep others company.

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