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Tax-deductible financial donations
  • Donate via credit card or PayPal by clicking the button above. If you would like to include a note with your gift, click on "add special instructions to seller".  
  • Recurring Donations Please sign up for a monthly recurring donation via PayPal or your bank.  Recurring donations are the mainstay of Serenity's financial ability to care for our horses! 

    • Send us a check made out to Serenity Equine Rescue. Mail checks to 28818 SE 216th Way, Maple Valley, WA 98038. 

                                           Little D says:  Thanks Everyone!

    Did you know 1 bale of hay costs between $16 to $23 a bale depending on the size of the bale and type of hay!

     Just $10.00 a month from 200 people would almost cover our hay bill for a month! 

    Where do your donations go?


    Your dollars go directly towards expenses like:

    A month's hay: over $2100

    A month of supplements and vitamins: $1000

    A month's shaving for our stalls: $624

    A routine farrier’s visit for 1 horse: $40

    A routine dental float: $160-225 each horse

    To geld a horse: $225

    A routine vet visit: $250

    To worm all the horses: $300

    To vaccinate all the horses and wellness check: $1600

    To wash and repair our sheets and blankets for the year $1200

    Corporate giving/matching

    Companies That Match Employee Donations

    Listed below are some larger companies that match employee donations to non-profit organizations like Serenity. If your company is not listed, you can find out from your human resources office if your employer offers a matching gift program. If you are eligible for an employer matching gift, we hope that you will request an application from your human resources office! Matching gifts often double and sometimes, even triple your donation to Serenity.

    Microsoft, Expedia, Boeing, Weyerhauser, AT&T, Starbucks and many others!

    In-kind and other donations


    Your in-kind donations are tax-deductible too! We will provide a tax receipt for all in-kind donations. Please contact to schedule a time to drop off items, or we can arrange to pick them up. Gently used items in good condition are welcome. 


    Donations of the following are also welcome:  

      • Hay (timothy, alfalfa, teff or orchard grass by the bale or ton)

      • Strategy Healthy Edge, Low Carb/Starch pelleted feed, Rice Bran
      • Shavings (Gem Shavings has Demo bags for $4.50) or 1 24 yard load for $312.
      • Dewormer (all brands)
      • Tack for training and to re-sell for fundraisers
      • Waterproof sheets or fly sheets of 72-81", fly masks and blankets in all sizes

        Sign up for iGive so a portion of proceeds from your regular online shopping go to Serenity!  Please remember only .005% of your purchase or $5 for every $1000 spent goes to Serenity so please consider a monthly donation as well. 

        Or, show your pride in supporting Serenity - When you buy a Serenity t-shirt, tote bag or even a coffee cup through our CafePress site you are helping us in two ways: we receive funds to save horses, and your merchandise helps generate awareness for our cause!


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        Serenity horses live on a 10 acre farm and like most farms maintenance and upkeep are part of the daily routine.  We start our mornings every day turning out our horses from the barn, feeding and then cleaning each and every stall.  Each horse stall is bedded with shavings and buckets are washed and refilled with water. 

        Horses that are currently being rehabilitated or those that require medical attention are in a clean dry stall until they are well.  They are then turned out in a small herd with their horse friends.

        Once we have completed the barn we move on to the other parts of the farm.  All loafing sheds, shelters, and paddocks are cleaned.  Water troughs scrubbed and refilled, and any other maintenance, such as fixing fences, stacking hay, repairing equipment is started. 
        Keeping a farm running is a complex and time consuming business.  There are no idle days on the farm.  Still, each day, rain or shine, our volunteers are here working to sustain the farm and our wonderful horses.

        We cannot do it without your help.  Feeding and rehabilitating horses while maintaining our farm is not only time-consuming but expensive.  Our volunteers work tirelessly.  Wont you help them to do this very important work and donate to Serenity today?  
        With gratitude, 
        Patricia Clark, Executive Director
        Serenity Volunteers

          Help us to continue rehabilitating our rescues with the best veterinary care possible!  We can't do it without you....

        Donate your time or experience



        We depend on the contributions of volunteers to achieve our mission. Our volunteers help with:

        • Chores around the barn such as mucking out stalls, picking paddocks, and morning and afternoon feeds
        • Staffing events and educating the public
        • Administrative work, grant writing, advocacy and fundraising support

        See our volunteer page to get started!


        Sponsor or foster a horse


        If you are interested in supporting a horse, but you are unable to adopt one, please consider sponsoring one of our special equine friends. Learn more about opportunities to sponsor a horse here.


        Fostering is another great way you can help Serenity by making room for us to save another horse's life. If you have the facilities and time to care for a horse, but are not ready for the lifelong commitment that comes with adoption, please consider fostering one of our residents. It's also a good way to get to know a horse you are considering adopting. If you are interested in fostering a horse, please email Patricia at

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